By now, you probably have a picture of what we do in terms of software and services. But ‘who is’ In Summa? Today, we’d like to introduce you to our CEO, Anton van Daal, and tell you a bit more about his career and personal story.

“Automation and simplicity are keywords”

The fact that Anton has always had a passion for technology will not surprise you. The reason why, however, might: “People find it strange when I tell them it stems from laziness,” says Anton. “I despise doing unnecessary things or repeat actions, so I’ve always tried to automate them. And I believe in simplicity.” The latter is at odds with a common habit of engineers and other tech professionals to opt for a more complex solution, even though a simpler one is readily available. “They want to show off their skills to impress, which I don’t want to be a part of: I continuously try to steer towards easier solutions.”

“Making bold choices to stay innovative”

“What’s new?” It’s been an important question in Anton’s work and life. “I have a curious nature, so I’m always looking for the latest technology. I realize that in commercial terms, it may be better to go with proven technology sometimes, but I consciously enter that field of tension.” And it pays off, because Anton’s bold choices make In Summa truly innovative: “With our software, which finds its roots with NASA, we help companies improve their development process and production control. To provide them with useful, up-to-date services and training, we need to stay abreast of technology and be innovative all the time.”

“Technology, loyalty, passion, and fun”

Although Anton used to be in a large company’s board of directors, managing a rough 800 employees, he feels more comfortable being the CEO of a small, close-knit team. “I love freedom and loathe control. It’s important that employees take responsibility, and I don’t believe time registration or a strict nine-to-five schedule is going to help them do so.” This view perfectly fits In Summa’s core values: technology, loyalty, passion, and fun. “We’ve hung these terms on our wall, and I have to say they represent the company and me. You know, I’m a firm believer in positivity. I never tell people what’s going wrong. I always say, ‘What’s going well and what can you do even better?’ It’s a great conversation starter and it motivates everyone – I can tell you that!”

Anton van Daal

Owner of In Summa. Has pretty impressive tennis skills. Anton loves to help companies innovate, save cost, improve quality, and test as well as shorten time2market using MSC Software Simulation.
A very curious guy by nature with a profound interest in the galaxy, he mastered the sociotechnical (re)designing of production environments at the Technical University of Eindhoven, combining people and technology. Anton believes that simple solutions are always the best ones.

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