Driving off into the sunset in your solar-powered car while taking a well-deserved nap: it might be reality sooner than you think. In this blog, we’d like to tell you more about some exciting new developments that co-shape the future of driving.

Lightyear: solely solar-powered

Innovative Dutch car brand Lightyear has recently presented its first solar panel car, which will draw its electrical power entirely from solar energy. Founded by a former college student team – which In Summa supported in its early years – this new brand will launch a model that can be charged using sunlight or a plug. After a single charge, the car should be able to travel between 400 and 800 kilometers. Whereas in The Netherlands, sunlight can provide enough solar energy to travel 10,000 kilometers a year, the Hawaiian climate allows for a rough 20,000 kilometers annually. Besides being innovative and environmentally friendly, the car, which is currently still in development, will also have a slick design.

Perfect energy use with automated driving

Does Lightyear sound exciting? Well, it doesn’t stop there. Another initiative that is currently in development is automated driving. With environmental friendliness at its core, it makes perfect and optimal use of energy in a way that human beings can’t. After all, a computer is able to calculate exactly when to accelerate, which means it will never waste a drop of energy. Another appealing characteristic of automated driving is the unburdening of the driver, who can lean back, read the newspaper, and take a nap while stuck in daily commuting traffic.

MSC VIRES: safety first!

Obviously, handing over full control to a car may raise some understandable safety-related questions. Before trusting automated driving, safety and programming should be tested extensively. Therefore, In Summa provides MSC VIRES, which can be used to simulate automated driving and check whether all safety requirements are met.

Would you like to learn more about MSC VIRES and discuss your opportunities? Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Dr Michel Azoulay

Upon completion of his PhD in Dynamics and Computational Engineering in Loughborough University in the UK, Michel worked as a simulation engineer in the defense industry for several years.
His extensive consultancy work included multibody dynamics simulation, advanced nonlinear & multiphysics mechanical simulations for defense, aerospace, and transportation industries. Michel is also involved in presales, training, support, and consultancy using MSC Software products for In Summa Innovation customers.

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